Comparing AppBurst Event Apps to Alternatives

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 08, 2013

In the crowded space of mobile app development, all apps for events are not created equal. Many solutions result in a generic-looking app with little room for customizable branding or ways to display content. AppBurst understands the need to create fully brandable iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps with engaging content displayed and organized in ways best fitting each specific event. Check out the following examples to see how our mobile event apps stack up to other available options: 

Branding in Other Event Apps

Note the generic graphics and absence of any real branding. Without a customizable color scheme or areas to include logos and other company graphics, the event app loses most of the branding typically seen in paper programs. The finished product becomes little more than text on a mobile device. 

Branding in AppBurst Event Apps

AppBurst-developed mobile apps are custom branded for each specific meeting, conference, or trade show, with an unlimited amount of color schemes available and various areas to brand the app with logos, slogans, and other material specific to your company or organization. As an added bonus, AppBurst branding is never placed inside of the app. The finished product has the look and feel of a customized mobile app promoting your specific brand and can be used not only for meetings but as a year-round resource for company news, social media, and more. 

Content in Other Event Apps

Displaying content in other event apps often involves generic templates with little attention paid to the specific type of data going into each section. Little variation exists from one area to the next, as the entire experience feels generic to users who navigate from the agenda to speakers, sponsors, and other areas of the event app.  

AppBurst Creates Customized Content Areas

AppBurst pays attention to detail. While areas like the agenda are primarily text driven, devoted sponsor pages allow for large company logos to be displayed in conjunction with embedded websites to best promote the different sponsorships in the app. In short, each content area displays data in a way that best makes sense, while branding remains consistent throughout the entire app.

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