Custom User Schedule & Bookmarking

Let your event attendees bookmark / favorite the sessions that they are interested in in your app. Conference apps developed using the Apps for Events platform allow users to bookmark sessions on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Here is how it works.

When attendees are browsing the event schedule in the app, there is a star icon located on the bottom of the screen. The attendee can tap on the star icon to bookmark / favorite the session that they are viewing. Users can add as many sessions to their bookmarks as they choose.

When the user wants to review all of the bookmarked session, they can access the "My Schedule" section of the app to view the list of sessions that were bookmarked / marked as a favorite. Please see the below screenshots and click to view a larger image.

Event App Custom Schedule

iPad Event App with Session Bookmarking

Below is a screenshot of the IACC annual conferece app for iPad. It shows what the My Schedule section of the app looks like on a tablet device. It is basically the same as iPhone, except the screen is split so that the list of sessions is displayed on the left and the details of the selected session is displayed on the right.

Please click on the image for a larger view.

Bookmark / Favorite All Content Types

The bookmarking feature of the AppBurst development platform can be enabled for any type of content in the mobile apps that we develop. Most event apps contain lots of useful content such as presentations, PDF files, videos, article, and blog posts. Let your user base bookmark all of the things that interest them in the app.

Mobile App Bookmarking Content

Click here to learn more about using bookmarks for any content type in a mobile app.

Benefits of Event App Bookmarking

Enabling attendees to bookmark favorite content into a designated area of the mobile app serves to personalize the user experience. A customized app with content most applicable to each attendee only serves to better engage users and create a must-have resource months after the event. Saving important speakers for future networking or exhibitors to generate sales leads, among many other uses, makes the bookmarking feature a value added option for both event planners and attendees.

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