Polling Conference Attendees in an iPad Event App

Posted by Mike Haldas on Oct 31, 2012

Our new in-app rating and polling feature was implemented in the CRF meetings iPad app that AppBurst developed for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. The below screenshots illustrate how attendees of the TCT2012 event held in Miami, Florida were able to leave ratings for each session and section that they attended at this conference. Please note that although the below screenshots capture how the polling feature is used in an iPad app, this feature is also available in the iPhone and Android mobile apps that we develop.

Event attendees are able to tap on the rate icon for the overall session as well as the small check box to rate the individual section of the within the session. 

iPad Event App Polling

When a user taps on the rate icon, the rate this session screen pops-up, and allows the user to agree or disagree with rating points. Please note that this is just one example of a rating format. The Apps for Events platform supports additional formats such as multiple choice questions, one to five-star ratings, and free form survey questions that allow users to enter text.

iPad Event App Session Polling

When an attendee taps on the smaller section rating icon, a different survey screen opens that allows the user rate that specific speakers presentation within that session.

iPad Event App Session Rating

Event owners and organizers have access to the AppBurst dashboard which has a reporting area where all of the survey and poll results can be viewed and exported.

iPad Event App Polling Reports

If you are an event or conference organizer and are interested in learning more about this and other features that the Apps for Events platform offers, please contact us or request a demo here.