Pinnacle 2012 Conference App

Pinnacle 2012 Conference App


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Pinnacle 2012 Conference

The Pinnacle 2012 Conference takes place at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Center from July 16 to 20 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The event aims to address important issues facing the EMS industry by bringing together over 300 industry leaders. General sessions and power seminars will be coupled with extensive networking opportunities during the conference, as attendees seek new and innovative strategies to address ever-evolving industry challenges.

Pinnacle EMS Conference App

The mobile app displays the entire conference agenda with complete calendar integration, all of which is categorized by day and into special event sections. Other features include a speaker directory with biographies and contact information, as well as sponsors organized by levels and general information including integration with Pinnacle EMS Twitter and Facebook. A five-day weather forecast and local attractions is also available for the Colorado Springs area, along with information on Pinnacle 2013.

About Fitch & Associates

Fitch & Associates, which presents the annual Pinnacle Conferences, is a consulting firm in the EMS and public safety industries. The firm has served a host of worldwide clients since 1984, including hospitals, ambulance services, and government agencies.

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