Tutorial & Walkthrough System

While the most tech savvy attendees may enjoy tinkering with an event app to find the best features and understand how to accomplish tasks, ensure every user enjoys a seamless experience with an opening tutorial or walkthrough system. The educational feature may direct attendees to the most valuable and useful content areas or even provide step by step instuctions for some of the more complicated features such as interactive exibitor maps and live polling. The walkthrough system may also be used for more creative approaches like advertising a specific event session, product brochure, or social media page.

The benefits of an opening tutorial or walkthrough system are twofold:

1) Guiding users through the app and providing instructions ensures users immediately see value and keep the app on his or her device. Less tech savvy users may be turned off by the process and immediately ask for a paper program; a problem easily avoided by pairing an intutive mobile app with tutorials aimed at quickly famiarizing users with key concepts.

2) A tutorial or walkthrough system represents one additional step to completely dictating the branding and message of a mobile app experience. Coupled with an opening splash screen or video and placement of key content on the home screen, companies and organizations with a mobile app dictate the initial experience to end users. An attendee's first impressions are vital and reflect not only the event app, but the brand behind the mobile technology. Take control of the process. 

The process is simple: event hosts and planners determine the key features or other information the opening tutorial needs to highlight. When a user launches the app, the tutorial loads after the primary splash screen(s) and individuals may quickly view the help screens or skip the walkthrough and be taken directly to the homepage. An attendee accessing content a subsequent time does not see the tutorial unless a reset of the app or large gap in time has occurred.