Springboard Homepage Design

First impressions are instrumental when sharing a mobile event app with attendees. Give users an intuitive Springboard Homepage design to ensure key content is only a few taps away. The icon-based homepage also provides users with a modern design and functionality used by popular apps without the risk of a learning curve or vital content hidden from view. 

A handful of options exist to customise both the content and style of the Springboard Homepage. Choose from a stock selection of icon shapes and styles or brand the homepage with custom color schemes and icons—the latter of which may be created by the client or AppBurst’s graphics design team. A consistent color across all icons or varied colors to indicate themed content are popular choices, as well as random colors to make the homepage appear more vibrant. 

Content options for the SpringBoard Homepage also vary and may be dictated by event planners based on individual needs and priorities. Popular options for content begin with core content such as the agenda or speaker bios and extend to more event-specific items such as PDF abstracts, live polling, and other features most important to attendees for the specific event. Dictating springboard content—in addition to the main menu of tabs across the bottom of the app—ensures event planners give attendees the best content without spending extra time navigating through menus.

A revamped homepage offers both aesthetic and practical benefits to event planners and attendees. While menu-based interfaces are great for navigating through countless subcategories of session or exhibitor types, the user experience can feel cumbersome if can’t-miss interactive features like live polling and interactive maps can’t be readily accessed from the homepage. 

A design both modern and intuitive ensures attendees immediately see the value in the mobile event app—both in terms of the quality of design and important features making the app a worthy choice for a spot on the coveted home screen of a smartphone or tablet.