Promote Event Sponsors

Apps For Events provides solutions for generating revenue before, during, and after an event. From sponsor pages and ad bars to takeover ads and splash screens, take advantage of sponsorship opportunities inside of an event app. Our partners often pay for the application’s development and even turn the application into a profit center through our diverse set of sponsor features.

Sponsor Pages

Sponsor pages in the event app offer a number of ways to showcase sponsorships at your event. Give sponsors a full page within the app or split a sponsor section into quadrants. Define sponsors by levels (i.e. platinum, gold, silver) or other criteria and choose whether a sponsor tab sits prominently alongside the agenda or is tucked away in a submenu.

Ad Bars

An ad bar at the bottom of the app can contain a static image showcasing one important sponsor or rotate for multiple sponsors. Clicking on the banner takes users to the website of the company or organization. The space can also be disabled or simply used as additional branding for the event. 

rotating ad bars sponsorship screenshots

Splash Screens

Splash screens appear as an application loads. Our mobile event apps can utilize this space for a sponsorship opportunity, giving a company or organization exposure every time the app is launched from the home screen.

Takeover Ads

Takeover ads offer yet another option to provide sponsorship opportunities within the app. Decide how often the takeover ads appear—based on a predetermined number of actions within the app, and choose whether the ads are implemented across the app or in a single section. 

Event App Sponsor Ad Benefits

Revenue generation is of course the obvious benefit behind integrating sponsorships into any mobile app. From building new relationships with industry partners to generating new leads and contacts, working with other companies and organizations prior to an event is a win-win for everyone involved.

Our blog post entitled "Creative Ways to Generate Additional Event App Sponsor Revenue" is also a good read for those wanting to really maximize a mobile app's ability to return an impressive ROI.

Traditional banners ads, splash pages, and even push messages are great sources of revenue for event apps, yet mobile technology offers a nearly unlimited number of additional methods to monetize an app and enjoy increasing returns on investment. Coupled with an open mind to seek out alternate sponsor sources, the ability to be flexible and actively paint a mobile app as a dynamic tool capable of promoting a range of products and services is beneficial for all event planners and organizers.

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