Worry-Free Maintenance & Software Updates for Event Apps

AppBurst works behind the scenes to ensure every mobile event app functions bug-free not only during the meeting, conference, or trade show, but throughout the year to give attendees an important resource for event content. 

Our development team constantly accounts for new software and technology releases (e.g. new iOS version or iPhone); significant amounts of development and maintenance resources are also allocated to keep everything up to date. 

The AppBurst Service Agreement ensures every mobile application up to date and working year-round, enabling event planners to devote their time and energy elsewhere. 

mobile event app saas maintenance software updates

iOS & Android Software Releases

New iOS or Android software development kits, or SDKs, are released periodically and major development work is needed to keep existing mobile event apps running without problems. Apple, Google, and other software vendors also release more minor software updates on a frequent basis and cause additional maintenance work. Each manufacturer averages one major SDK release and a few minor releases each year. 

Event planners are seldom notified of AppBurst’s updates to seamlessly and automatically address backend fixes as part of our all-encompassing service agreement with clients. 

Software updates are generally coordinated with additional updates requested by a client or with general platform updates to minimize the amount of update submissions and ensure smooth experience for both clients and end users.

Device-Specific Maintenance

The potential for device-specific bugs often appears as new hardware versions are released. The high number of Android devices available on the market is an especially relevant concern and the ability to test mobile event apps on multiple smartphones and tablets before, during, and after an event is important. 

Bugs are often dealt with individually to ensure as many devices as possible provide a great user experience. AppBurst purchases a significant portion of available iOS and Android devices for periodic testing of all apps, which includes a thorough step-by-step inspection of the app’s working features by a dedicated in-house Quality Assurance Analyst.

The Bottom Line

Development and publication of a mobile event app in the AppStore and Google Play is only part of the process in give event hosts and those responsible for coordinating the meeting, conference, or trade show a fully functioning mobile app. 

AppBurst clients receive the peace of mind each app is diligently checked for bugs and kept up to date as new devices and software are released as part of our Service Agreement. 

Technology is always evolving and AppBurst is there every step of the way.

AppBurst, in addition to addressing software and hardware updates, also maintains it network and server infrastructure, content delivery network, and the AppBurst Dashboard admin system for clients to upload and edit content.

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