Password Protection & User Authentication

Mobile apps serve as an incredibly useful tool to event planners, sponsors, and organizers, reaching people from all over the world via Apple's AppStore and Google Play. Yet certain sensitive information, such as internal documents or contact information, may need to be limited from public consumption. Our password protection features -- ranging from a simple meeting code given to all authorized attendees to user authentication with user-specific username and password combinations -- gives attendees access to relevant information while simultaneously keeping the content private from anyone else who may download the app.

Process for Event Attendees

  1. Launches app and is prompted with a login screen when accessing a restricted area. Clients may optionally include a login "info page" in the general area of the app and/or send out an e-blast with detailed instructions to better assist attendees with the process.
  2. Registers with a name, email address, and password for user authentication OR enters generic username and password combo for basic password protection.

Event apps with a generic username and password will then take attendees to the restricted content. For user authentication, the following steps are also required:

  • Verifies registration via email and then awaits registration approval from an administrator. 
  • Once approved, the user is notified and is then able to access app content based on the roles applied by the administrator.

Workflow for App Administrator

  1. Adds roles to the AppBurst dashboard, such as “internal”, "speaker", and “attendee”.
  2. Assigns created roles to specific app content. For example, content for only keynote speakers or internal employees can be assigned a role of "keynote" or "internal", respectively.
  3. Reviews app registrations as they are received in the AppBurst dashboard with an accompanying email notification. Registration requests may be accepted or declined and assigned certain roles, thus controlling access to data in the app.

List of Users with Individual Status Summaries:

Assigning Roles to Individual Users:

Benefits of Event App Password Protection & User Authentication

  • Keep contact information of speakers and attendees private
  • Protect important PDF abstracts and presentations
  • Give internal employees additional access to important documents
  • Avoid sharing the event agenda and social events with anyone in the AppStore who may download the app
  • Keep track of who is using the app and generate a list of email addresses for marketing and lead generation in the process
  • Provide peace of mind to attendees

Also read our blog post entitled "Understanding Different Audiences for Event Apps" to know what meeting and conference scenarios make the most sense for user authentication.

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