AppBurst’s notepad feature enables event attendees to take notes directly in their mobile app. Create an empty note for future reminders, thoughts, or to compile feedback on a session, speaker, or exhibitor. In addition to creating a blank note, users may also select the “note” icon from a session detail view’s toolbar to pre-populate a new note with pertinent information such as title, room number, and description. The function serves to save attendees time and better organize information, as notes are prefaced with content to use as a future reference.

Notepad Benefits

1) Greater personalization of the app. Along with other features such as bookmarking, a notepad gives attendees a chance to make the app his or her own with tools geared to customize content in the app and tailor the experience for each user’s individual needs and preferences.

2) Increased engagement and longer sessions in the app. Many attendees may already use another 3rd-party note taking app, yet the convenience of taking conference or meetings notes in an event app—complete with auto-filled content related to sessions—gives users more incentives to stay engaged in the app during a session as opposed to switching back and forth to other productivity apps.

Many of the same benefits exist with extra features such as a city guide and social media integration. The more tools provided to attendees in the app, the more attendees use the app — all leading to  happier attendees, better potential for ad revenue, and more.

Notes may be created directly from the notes areas, subsequently deleted, and emailed as an attachment or plain text. The title of the note is derived from the first line of text in each note.

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