Multi-Language Mobile Event Apps

While many international events use English as a primary language for programs, presentations, and signage, a significant number of conferences and meetings are based in a non-English speaking country and use another primarily language. From requiring multi-language support to an app developed solely in another language, the ability to cater to the language preferences of attendees is an important factor in when considering mobile app development.

AppBurst develops native mobile event apps supporting multiple languages on iPhone, iPad, and Android. In addition, our i18n settings--used for internationalization and localization--also determine how dates, times and numbers appear according to the region of the user.

Current language support include:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Turkish

The AppBurst platform supports content and language updates without re-submission to the app stores.

Using Multi-Language Support

Clients typically supply AppBurst with content in their preferred languages for the event. Menu functions, in-app prompts, messages, etc. for the existing 7 supported languages is already in place and the client only needs to supply actual event content such as program sessions, speaker bios, and so forth. For any language not already supported by AppBurst, additional work will need to be completed (e.g. providing translations for terms like “Content Update Available” and other core phrases for the app).

iphone language change settings

For end users, the app will detect the native language the user's iPhone, iPad, or Android device runs in by default. If the app supports the language, it’s automatically displayed. If the user wants to override the automatic setting, they can open up the settings screen on their device, select the settings for the app, and navigate to the language settings screen.

Benefits of Multi-Language Event Apps

In addition to the fact events draw an increasinly global audience, many attendees at an international event based primarily in English may also feel more comfortable with menus and other functions of the event app in their native language, or perhaps a selection of important content--supplied by the event hosts--available in multiple languages. Mobile app development companies with multi-language support give attendees a value-added benefit leading to better engagement as users are able to easily navigate the app and view content more efficiently. Our blog post entitled "International Events: Three Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers" dives into this concept in greater detail and brings up other considerations for global meetings and conferences.

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