Mobile App Templates & Themes

AppBurst provides a variety of professionally designed theme options for mobile event apps. Each theme features a full set of content templates enabling users to seamlessly navigate through the app and enjoy a consistent design when viewing sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and any other type of information. 

Benefits to Event Planners & Organizers

Flexibility in determining the design of an event app is extremely beneficial for meeting planners and organizers who want to showcase their event content and stand out with customizable branding. By choosing one of our many theme designs and customizing the color scheme -- along with the inclusion of company logos and graphics, an AppBurst event app becomes more than a generic app built to simply display event content, but instead a unique, branded representation of the organization which can be used year-round to connect with not only event attendees but an extended user base.

Event App Theme Options

The currently available themes are displayed below and have been carefully designed to give users easy, intuitive access to content across the entire app. AppBurst’s graphic design team also offers 100% custom themes for organizations interested in a completely unique experience. 






In addition to selecting from a variety of themes, each app’s color schemes may be customized via the AppBurst Dashboard admin system to match the organization or event’s branding. From major elements such as the tab bar along the bottom of the app to accent colors and other small details, the visual presentation of the app can be fine tuned by selecting one of over 30 color settings and entering specific hex values or choosing from a built-in color palette. 

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