Amazon CloudFront Mobile App Content Delivery

AppBurst mobile event apps use reliable cloud hosting with worldwide caching and 99.97% uptime. Hosts of meetings, conferences, and trade shows are assured app content is always delivered quickly and reliably to attendees around the globe. 

Event app promotion is essential before the event to maximize and engagement; ensure attendees scattered around the world can all seamlessly download and install the mobile event app to receive pre-event push alerts, updates, and more. 

All event app data is stored on a Microsoft Azure server and sent to mobile app users via Amazon CloudFront, a leading content delivery network, or CDN, used by and other highly-trafficked websites and mobile apps. 

CloudFront leverages 52 worldwide servers to automatically route end user requests (e.g. new app installs or updates) to the nearest server for optimal performance and delivery of app content. Spikes in demand are also automatically addressed; event hosts and attendees spend with less time worrying about the app's performance and more time engaging in content. 

AppBurst uses Microsoft Azure as its origin server and Amazon CloudFront's content delivery network for every mobile app, ensuring a quality, consistent experience for every app user as part of the AppBurst Service Agreement.

CloudFront edge locations are located in:

United States

Atlanta, GA
Ashburn, VA (3)
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2)
Hayward, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles, CA (2)
Miami, FL
New York, NY (3)
Newark, NJ
Palo Alto, CA
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
South Bend, IN
St. Louis, MO


Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2)
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany (3)
London, England (3)
Madrid, Spain
Marseille, France
Milan, Italy
Paris, France (2)
Stockholm, Sweden
Warsaw, Poland


Chennai, India
Hong Kong, China (2)
Mumbai, India
Manila, the Philippines
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Singapore (2)
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan (2)


Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia

South America

São Paulo, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil