Mobile Chat for Event Attendees

Mobile chat for event apps builds on AppBurst’s other communication and networking features to give attendees a dynamic way to connect at meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Coupled with other tools like social media integration and searchable profile pages for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, everyone attending an event can utilize mobile chat on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device to instantly communicate with others. 

mobile event app attendee chat

How Mobile Chat Works

Attendees simply register a profile in the mobile app and login to begin interacting with other attendees via the chat feature. Chats work much like text messaging, but are saved in the event app to better encapsulate the event experience and ensure all information valuable to the attendee stays in one place. 

Benefits of Mobile Chat

mobile event app attendee chat iphone androidUnlike evasive phone calls or overlooked emails, mobile chat affords attendees a happy median for talking to other attendees at an event. Much like text messaging, but without the need to hunt down a phone number and go through awkward introductions, mobile chat for events is a convenient tool and adds great value in the following scenarios:

Scheduling a lunch, dinner, or other get-together between sessions. 

Networking with colleagues and acquaintances without asking for phone numbers.

Lead generation and personal requests for information. 

Sharing organizational information directly with interested parties. 

Congratulating another attendee or speaker on a job well done at the event. 

Sustained attendee engagement before and after the event 

A mobile chat feature can also instantly connect attendees with the event host for questions or clarifying logistics. Designate a profile as the “Event Host” or other moniker and give attendees the peace of mind their concerns are being addressed in near real-time. 

Finally, alternative or outside-the-box options for mobile chat can include things like gamification; use the chat feature for better interaction amongst attendees for scavenger hunts or other group-based activities. 

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