Live Polling & Audience Response System

Much of an event’s success comes down to engaging attendees. AppBurst’s live polling and audience response system takes in-app surveys one step further with an interactive feature built to generate real-time information from event app users. From asking questions during an important session to gathering feedback immediately after a demonstration, live polling enables event planners and organizers to connect attendees with speakers, moderators, and more. 


The simple workflow to create and implement live polling in a mobile event app begins with entering the question criteria into the AppBurst Dashboard. Polling questions may be assigned to specific content such as a session, speaker, and so forth; attendees see a call to action button alongside the applicable content and polling is enabled by admin users at the appropriate time. 

Mobile app users are able to enter feedback—ranging from free-form responses to multiple choice—once a live polling session is enabled at the event. Results from attendees are then displayed in the dashboard for admin users to see and act upon results in real time, while mobile app users may optionally see the results within the relevant session or other content as well. 


The benefits of a live polling and audience response system are significant. Along with features such as push alerts with deep linking, the ability to ask questions and receive immediate responses from attendees represents one of the more interactive ways to engage with users and keep everyone involved with important sessions. Involvement leads to information retention and more satisfied attendees who play a small part in the happenings at any meeting, conference, or trade show. 

Live polling may also be used to collect demographic information for leads and marketing emails in instances where surveys don’t provide the same type of immediate incentive of filling in answers alongside peers. Other considerations for live polling include gamification, raffles, and even uses beyond the event such as receiving valuable feedback from users about a new service or product.