Interactive Exhibitor Floorplan Maps

Our interactive map for iPhone, iPad and Android enables users to access a map of the exhibitor floor and locations of each booth. Zoom in and out—as well as pan to the left, right, up, or down—to locate specific vendors. A listing of exhibitors is available on the left-hand side of iPad apps, or the map can be expanded to full screen to maximize coverage of exhibitor booths. 

Exhibitor Information

View a wide range of exhibitor information by directly tapping on a booth. Details may include:

  • mailing address
  • booth number
  • Google map thumbnail view
  • company description
  • website & email address
  • logo and/or advertising
  • email inquiry prompt

Bookmarked and Visited Booths

Each booth can be individually selected and marked as “visited” or bookmarked within the app, which changes to color of the booth and sends the listing to its respective menu in the exhibitor directory. Color coding is also available for sponsors or any other designation required by event planners and organizers. 

Color Blind Mode

This feature adds a star (bookmarked) and checkmark (visited) to applicable booths, allowing color blind individuals to still differentiate between the different booths on the map. 

Oriented Exhibitor Booths

In addition to standard booths with horizontal and vertical borders, AppBurst now provides support for oriented polygons at any angle and number of sides to accommodate unique floorplan setups. 

Benefits of Event Apps & Interactive Exhibitor Maps

As one of the more engaging and unique features available in a mobile event app, interactive exhibitor maps offer a significant number of benefits to everyone involved at an event, from hosts and organizers to attendees and exhibitors themselves. At its core, the map offers a guide for attendees to navigate the event hall and keep track of favorites and those to visit in the future.

The ability to easily acess exhibitor information like contact info and company descriptions, as well as send direct emails in the app, is another value-added benefit, while event hosts can sell exhibitors on highlighted booths or prime placement on the map to generate additional revenue beyond traditional mobile app ads. The engaging feature is also not replicable on a paper program, incentivizing attendees to download and use the mobile app.