PDF Document Viewer

PDF Document Viewer

AppBurst’s integrated PDF viewer enables conference attendees to view everything from important abstracts and presentations to facility maps and welcome letters directly in the event app. Documents may also be password protected via a simple passcode or user authentication if certain content should be limited to only internal employees, event attendees, or any other subset of users.

Uploaded via the AppBurst Dashboard admin system, PDF documents may be titled and categorized to better sort and display content within the app. Other options include the ability to bundle a specific PDF with the app install or supply via “download on demand”. The former choice is useful for key documents all attendees will use--such as a facility map, while the latter option makes most sense for apps containing hundreds of presentations, each only applicable to a portion of users.

Any PDFs set to be downloaded on demand will only be available with an internet connection initially, but are then loaded on the user’s device and accessible offline moving forward.

Relate PDF Documents to Sessions, Speaker, or Exhibitors

In addition to uploading documents for a stand-alone presentations or similar area in the app, the AppBurst Dashboard also enables admin users to relate documents to sessions, speakers, or exhibitors. Attendees benefit by having relevant documents of a session, for instance, within the detail view--without wasting time by needing to find the applicable PDF in a separate area of the app. PDFs related to other content items may still be available in a standalone area as well.  

Other Features

Beyond simply viewing PDF documents in a tiled format or enlarging to full screen and swiping from right to left, users are able to share via email and popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Documents may also be printed via AirPrint supported printers or bookmarked to a separate area of the app for easy access at a later time.

Event App PDF Integration Benefits

Save on printing costs and ensure attendees always have access to relevant documents--even months after the conference or meeting. PDFs represent one of the most popular file formats for documents ranging from abstracts and presentations to marketing brochures and instructional manuals. With the ability for users to quickly share PDFs via email or social media, companies and organizations can leverage the event app to spread important documents to a wider audience. PDF document libraries also prove to be of great use year-round and only help to increase user retention and attendee engagement.

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