Facebook Sharing Integration

Share content in your mobile event app with the AppBurst platform, integrated natively with the Facebook graph API so iPhone, iPad, and Android apps can provide the best user experience for users. We can turn Facebook sharing on or off for each section of your app. Check out some examples of sections a company or organization may want Facebook sharing enabled:

  • Event Sessions
  • Event Speakers
  • Exhibitors
  • Sponsors
  • Blog & Article Posts
  • Videos

While these represent some of the most popular examples, there are no limits to the type of content enabled for Facebook sharing in a mobile event app. 

iPad Event App: Facebook Sharing Examples

Below is a screenshot of the Facebook sharing screen presented to users when they tap on the sharing icon in the upper right-hand corner of an iPad event app session detail view. Email and Twitter sharing options are also presented for your user base to utilize:


In addition to agenda sessions, the Facebook sharing feature can be utilized in any other area of the app, including speakers, exhibitors, and media content such as videos and PDFs. Once the Facebook option is selected, the user is given the opportunity to add a comment when the "Post to Wall" dialog box opens: 

Branded Facebook Wall Post from Share

Once the post is made to a user's wall, the following marketing and branding items are utilized to maximize the post's effectiveness for your company or organization: 

  • The title of the post is brandable and the link can send users to any event or company-related URL.
  • The description below the title is also brandable
  • The custom icon developed by AppBurst is posted to the user's Facebook wall
  • The "Download the App" can be a link to a Facebook app page or to an external URL configured by AppBurst.

Benefits of Event App Facebook Sharing Integration

Generating additional pre-event buzz and sharing happenings at meetings, conferences, and trade shows goes hand in hand with the primary functions of Facebook. Attendees already tapped into the powerful social media tool in their day to day lives share event-related posts as if it were second nature and can let countless others know about the event.

Utilizing Facebook sharing also plays a bigger role to promote organization and company-wide products and services within the event app, as well as generating additional leads and networking opportunities. Remember to proactively comment on posts and stay in touch with followers to maximize the potential of Facebook integration with iPhone, iPad, and Android event apps.

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