Speaker & Exhibitor Directories

Showcase participating speakers, attendees, and exhibitors. Our mobile apps display alphabetical and searchable directories based on definable categories such as speaker type, featured exhibitors, and more. Users may access speaker biographies with contact information and related sessions, as well as exhibitor profiles with company information and an integrated email inquiry form.

The benefits of including person and exhibitor directories in a mobile app extend past the event itself, providing users with a year-round resource for not only attendees, but other interested parties in the industry needing a resource of potential contacts and leads.

Speakers and Attendees

Enable users to interact with one another and share contact info with colleagues and co-workers inside of the app. Speaker and attendee listings provide an easily accessible biography and optional contact information, as well as a listing of relevant sessions for the specific participant. Add speaker sessions directly to a 3rd-party personal calendar such as iCal or Outlook and share the page via email or social media.


Exhibitor directories enable attendees to easily access vendor information at a conference, meeting, or tradeshow. Much like speaker and attendee directories, exhibitors are sorted alphabetically and based on definable categories such as by industry or even promoting featured exhibitors. Access contact information and Google Map thumbnail, a company profile, and request additional information from the vendor directly inside of the mobile app via an integrated email form.

The feature also offers potential revenue and return on investment for event planners and organizers. Enable certain exhibitors to include a logo, PDF brochures, or other material as part of the listing to enhance visibility of the company or organization in the app. A featured exhibitor list, easily managed by categorizing relevant exhibitors, may also be used to generate revenue for the event. 

In addition to exhibitor listings, AppBurst builds a highly interactive map of the exhibitor floor for event apps, enabling attendees to easily navigate and bookmark booths, keeping track of the various vendors at an event. 

Benefits of Event App Speaker & Exhibitor Directories

Networking and making lasting connections to establish future clients and other relationships is a fundamental benefit of all events. Make the benefit mobile friendly by supplying contact information and other relavent details to everyone involved at the event.

Also check out our blog post "Preparing Speakers & Exhibitors for Mobile Event App Technology" for tips on how to best utilize the feature.

Promoting an event app to attendees is a great start to realizing the benefits of going mobile. Educating speakers and exhibitors on how to best prepare for and utilize available mobile technology, however, reflects the next step in maximizing the potential of a mobile event app at a meeting or conference. Find out what steps are necessary to ensure everyone is taking advantage of mobile app features and getting the most out their event experience in the process.

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