Display Image Galleries

Image galleries for mobile apps represent a great option for adding and sharing photos of any event. The feature enables event planners and organizers to embed Facebook or Flickr image galleries into a mobile event app. Bulk image uploaders and other tools on both services allow for quick uploads and management of photos to avoid a duplication of efforts in managing media across multiple services. 

Organize images by date or category and display media in a list view or as thumbnails for fast browsing by attendees. Toggle between display modes and view photos in full screen mode before saving images directly to the mobile device or alternatively sharing via email or social media. 

Creative Options for Photo Sharing Feature

Integrating photos into a mobile app typically means sharing images of presentations and social happenings with other attendees in the weeks and months following an event. Yet other creative uses are available to leverage photo sharing before or during the event to better utilize the feature and generate more excitement in the process. 

Consider sharing pre-event teasers of everything from food and entertainment options to key speakers and the nicest presentation space. Hosting the event in a cutting edge facility with a unique feature or at an exotic destination? Share enticing photos to pique interest and generate buzz well before the big day arrives.

Photo sharing may also be used during the event for gamification and other methods of engaging attendees. Scavenger hunts or photo contests are both ideal for photo sharing integration in a mobile event app. Think outside of the box to turn an easily managed feature into a big part of the event.