City & Destination Guides

Host cities for most meetings, conferences, and trade shows represent a new or seldom-visited locale for the majority of attendees. Go beyond simply sharing the event program and turn the mobile app into a destination guide as well, ensuring attendees get the most out of their visit and aren't left hunting down nearby restaurants to network with colleagues or phone numbers to local public transportation.

Google Places Integration

AppBurst's default city guide feature integrates with Google Places to provide contact information, reviews, directions, and a map to countless categories of local establishments. Clients are able to select which topics are made available in the app and the top results are displayed based on a zip code or latitude / longitude coordinates.

Custom, hand picked locations may also be manually entered via the AppBurst Dashboard and be displayed in a separate area if necessary. Other highlights of the city guide integration include an updated five-day weather forecast, while all location information to hotels, dining, shopping, and more may be emailed or shared via social media to friends and colleagues as an easy way to make arrangements and network during the event.

Popular Google Place Types

  • Hotels
  • Shopping
  • Bars
  • Attractions
  • ATMs / Banks
  • Churches
  • Airports
  • Subway Stations
  • Taxi Stands
  • Gas Stations
  • Pharmacies

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Other Destination Guide Options

In addition to Google Places integration, other options are available to give attendees more event-specific information. Share important hotel and event facility maps or event-sponsored shuttles, lodging, and dinners in the app--documents to be bundled with the initial app install and always available for offline use during a flight or after landing in a foreign country without cell reception.

Another consideration is to contact local businesses and generate additional revenue for the event app. Local hotels, restaurants, and more may be willing to pay for exposure in the app--either in a "top picks" section above the default city guide or a separate listing showcasing individual menus and brochures. Also offer to include coupon codes and send push notifications promoting a handful of businesses in the area for possible bulk discounts on event-related needs.

Benefits of Event App Destination Guides

Few event app features make more sense than a comprehensive destination guide for attendees, many of whom are visiting a host city for the first time and need advice on everything from public transportation to local restaurants. Value added features to attendees often fall outside of traditional program content and are benefits mobile technology brings to the table. Ensure users receive the best possible experience at both the event and in their free time around town by including a destination guide—potentially adding sponsor revenue in the process.

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