Event app content typically consists of a full agenda and supplementary content ranging from speaker and exhibitor directories to presentations, city guides, and more--often totaling hundreds or even thousands of unique individual pages. Make life easy for attendees with a bookmarking feature to save favorite content items to a separate area of the app to easily reference at a later date. Bookmarked content is intuitively organized by type (e.g. exhibitors and speakers saved into different lists), while event sessions are automatically saved in chronological order to enable the creation of a customized agenda in each user’s app.

The feature extends to third-party features and enables users to save favorite restaurants, shopping, and other locales from integrated Google Places city guides. GIve users control of their event app to take advantage of many  similar functions available to those using bookmarking tools in a web browser.

The process to bookmark an item in the app is intuitive and simple. Users tap a star in the toolbar of a detail view--much like the action taken to bookmark a website on popular browsers--and immediately see a confirmation the page is saved. Once navigating to the bookmarks or “My Favorites” section of the app, users are able to view various lists of categorized and saved content.

Benefits of Event App Bookmarking

Enabling attendees to bookmark favorite content into a designated area of the mobile app serves to personalize the user experience. A customized app with content most applicable to each attendee only serves to better engage users and create a must-have resource months after the event. Saving important speakers for future networking or exhibitors to generate sales leads, among many other uses, makes the bookmarking feature a value added option for both event planners and attendees.

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