App Usage Analytics & Reports

App Download Reporting Features

Appburst provides clients with access to an online reporting portal that allows app owners to access the following information related to application downloads.

  • Daily report of number of app downloads
  • Online history of app downloads by day
  • Download tracking by country of origin

App Usage Analytics Reporting Features / Tracking

AppBurst provides clients with access to an online reporting portal that reports detailed analytics on in app usage.  The following information and more is available in the analytics portal.

  • Users sessions by day
  • User sessions by country
  • News users vs. existing users
  • Active user trends
  • Session lengths
  • Session paths
  • Usage by section and page
  • User device type and operating system version
  • User mobile carrier  

Benefits of Using Event App Analytics

Our blog post entitled "Using App Analytics to Plan Next Year's Event" for details on how important app metrics can be for improving events from one year to the next.

Understanding big-picture metrics such as total number of downloads and retained users are important to gauge an event app's overall popularity, yet these numbers are most strongly correlated with marketing the app and size of the event. Digging deeper into available analytics provides important lessons in planning the layout of content for next year's event, retaining or improving upon sponsor revenue, and understanding the user's overall app experience.

For details on AppBurst's mobile event apps: