Surveys, Questionnaires, Feedback

Make communication before, during, and after an event a two-way street between organizers and attendees with the survey, polling, and feedback feature available on the Apps For Events platform. This feature is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps that we develop.  From simple Survey Monkey integration to an expansive set of content-specific surveys and feedback tools in the app, we enable our partners to receive relevant information from attendees.

Content-specific feedback for specific sessions, speakers, or any other content area in the app can be added to your event app. Feedback types in the app range from multiple choice questions and five-star ratings to open form questions enabling users to enter a unique comment or response. A slider function is also available with answers on a sliding scale such as "disagree", "agree", etc.  All of the question content, placement, and format throughout the app is extremely flexible and all responses are tabulated and sent to the AppBurst Dashboard admin system

Feedback & Survey Screenshots

Survey Results Displayed in the AppBurst Dashboard