Google+ Sharing

AppBurst's Google+ Sharing Feature for mobile event apps follows other integrations for Facebook and Twitter to give attendees better options for sharing content with friends and colleagues. The AppBurst platform supports sharing content via Google+ on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile event apps.

The process is simple and intuitive based on the workflow for sharing content via other social media channels and mobile apps on an attendee's device. A user simply selects the share button on the specific event app content and chooses Google+ from the selection of options. Attendees can subsequently able choose which circles to share the content with to ensure messages can be targeted, as needed, to certain groups such as internal colleagues, leads, and so forth.

Mobile event app users may also edit the default text provided by the app for sharing; typical choices include a title, description, and link to the content.

Google+ Sharing Benefits

Google+ is often seen as a more professional social media platorm when compared to Facebook or Twitter. The ability to add and customize circles gives attendees and event hosts a chance to target their shares to a certain group of people and initiate targeted conversations.

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