Mobile Content Management System (CMS)

Take control of important aspects of your mobile application with the AppBurst Dashboard. Admin users are granted access to a wide range of tools, including the ability to create, edit, and delete content in the application (mobile content management system). Have a last-minute agenda change or find a misspelled speaker? Simply login to the online dashboard and make the appropriate changes in mere minutes. Users can also edit the colors and graphics of the app, send real-time push notifications to attendees, and view a complete report detailing download statistics and usage analytics.

Content Management

From sessions, speakers, and exhibitors to supplemental content such as PDF presentations and text pages, the dashboard gives clients user-friendly options to add, organize, and edit event data. Once added, content can be sorted in a list view by criteria such as start time, title, or identifier for easy management. Relationships between content items, i.e. relating a speaker to an event session, are also managed in the admin system.

Manage Users

AppBurst offers password protection and role-based user authorization to provide clients with complete control over access to app content via the AppBurst Dashboard. Admin users may add roles such as “internal” and “general” and assign created roles to specific app content. Users registering in the app are then accepted or declined, the former of which are then assigned certain roles to access authorized content in the app.

Create and Edit Surveys

Event or content-specific surveys for specific sessions, speakers, or any other area in the app can be added to your event app via the AppBurst Dashboard. Feedback types in the app range from multiple choice questions and five-star ratings to open form questions enabling users to enter a unique comment or response.

Results are also displayed after the event, giving event organizers detailed feedback criteria viewable in graphs or downloadable as raw data to manipulate as needed in Excel. 

Push Messaging

Push notifications, also known as push messages and push alerts, enable administrators to send messages directly to all of the subscribed users of their mobile app. In addition to supporting push messages, the AppBurst Dashboard also supports including a "deep link" with the message which means that the user of the app is brought to a specific section or page when they tap on the notification.

Graphics and Colors

All app images may be uploaded via the admin system, including the app icon, splash screens, and even sponsor graphics.

Each app’s color scheme may also be customized via the admin system to match the organization or event’s branding. From major elements such as the tab bar along the bottom of the app to accent colors and other small details, the visual presentation of the app can be fine tuned by selecting one of over 30 color settings and entering specific hex values or choosing from a built-in color palette.